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the Sweet Significance of Licorice in Antidote 🤩 😍

the Sweet Significance of Licorice in Antidote  🤩 😍

Why is this bar so addictive? It's really dark but without any bitterness, brimming with a citric double dose of lemon, intense floral cacao and sweet licorice root. I have been exploring licorice for over a year in my baking with many kinds from various sources. It was my fabulous secret ingredient! Now, the secret is in Antidote. However, just like with cacao beans, the differences in flavor and quality on licorice are as far apart as 0 and 100. That extreme.

As always, our mantra is flavor finds efficacy.  😋 While I choose the licorice for its aroma, I'm as excited to share that in Ayurvedic tradition, it is a healthful powerhouse, often called the "Healer's Root." With its extensive health benefits and unique characteristics, this extraordinary root is a key player within Ayurvedic medicine.

“Licorice is a versatile plant long cherished for its many therapeutic properties. This potent herb is celebrated for its rejuvenating properties, serving as a brain tonic and offering a shield against life's inevitable wear and tear. It also fortifies immunity, enhances skin complexion, any much more” This from a Kerala Ayurveda Blog. However just want to clarify that the dose in Antidote is small and not intended to heal or treat anything.

Maybe the combination of all makes it so magic? I would love to hear what you think! Supply is limited with LOLA (her name), so take your chance! (and find a little story on LOLA on the back)

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