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Where to Find Low Sugar Chocolate: The Ultimate Guide for Sweet Wellness!

By Red Thalhammer

Where to Find Low Sugar Chocolate: The Ultimate Guide for Sweet Wellness!

Hello, chocolate enthusiasts and health-conscious mavens! If you've been on a quest for the holy grail of delicious yet healthy indulgence, you're in the right place. Today, we're diving into the scrumptious world of low sugar chocolate. No, it's not an oxymoron; it's a reality, and it's out there waiting for you to find it! 🍫

Feel the LOVE 💖

Who says you can't have your chocolate and eat it too? Low sugar options like Antidote Chocolate bars let you experience the love without the sugar crash. These heavenly bars are packed with high-quality cacao which offers superior aroma that doesn’t require that much sugar. The bars are therefore loaded with cacao, the source of antioxidants and feel-good nutrients that will have your brain releasing endorphins like it's New Year's Eve!

Ignite Your HIGHLY CREATIVE Side 🎨

Boring flavors are so yesterday! If you're into experimental tastes, the low sugar chocolate world has got you covered with exciting flavor fusions as well. Antidote Chocolate have made a mark for culinary interesting and beautiful flavors. Founder and tastemaker Red Thalhammer creates exquisite flavor fusions using spices, herbs, fruits, nuts and salts to dance on your palate. From lavender + red salt, anise + tomato to coffee + cardamom, these bars combine creativity, beauty, flavors and textures to inspire you.

Go on an ADVENTUROUS Journey 🌍

Why settle for the mundane when you can go on a taste expedition? Low sugar chocolate is more than a snack; it's a treat and energy booster. Antidote Chocolate embodies this adventurous spirit, infusing their bars with ingredients and spices from around the world. It's like taking a trip to a far-off land without leaving your couch. Plus, Antidote chocolate was founded on courageous women entrepreneurship, so every bite you take supports a fierce vision!


By now, you might be wondering, "But where can I actually find low sugar chocolate?" One word: Antidote. It is not only an antidote to sugar laden chocolate but a delicious antidote to your emotional afflictions, all with high cacao content and minimal sugar. It's the epitome of healthy pleasure. You're essentially having a slice of wellness, and it tastes like a dream! Who knew food could be your medicine and a delectable treat at the same time?


 If you're someone who cares about the planet as much as your palate, you’re in for a treat. Antidote Chocolate is committed to sustainability, from direct trade with farmers to producing chocolate at cacao origin. Real ingredients and responsible sourcing make it a win-win for everyone involved. You can indulge knowing you're contributing to a sustainable life cycle.

Where to Find Your Low Sugar Chocolate Goodies 📍

Now that you're sold on the idea, you must be eager to know where to get your hands on these bars of happiness. Antidote Chocolate is available online and at select specialty grocers and health food stores. You can also look for low sugar chocolate options at dedicated chocolate shops, or your local grocery store in the specialty or health food aisle, just pay attention to the cacao percentage. The higher the percentage like 77% and 84%, the lower the sugar content. That way you make sure you're looking in the right direction! The Meadow specializes in chocolate and flowers with shops in Portland and Nolita in NYC and carries a wonderful variety including the whole Antidote chocolate range. The Market at the Tin Building by Jean-Georges also has Antidote and a great culinary assortment.

Wrapping It Up 🎁

So, for everyone asking, "Where to find low sugar chocolate?"—look no further! With brands like Antidote leading the charge, your options are as wide as they are delicious. Whether you're a chocolate connoisseur or someone just stepping into the world of healthy indulgence, low sugar chocolate enhances the way you dance.

Happy munching, folks! 🍫💕

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Unlocking the Secret to Real Chocolate Flavor: The 100% Cacao Experience

By Red Thalhammer

Unlocking the Secret to Real Chocolate Flavor: The 100% Cacao Experience

The Purest Indulgence on Earth

Are you a chocolate aficionado? Do you find yourself scouring through artisanal chocolate shops, farmers' markets, and specialty stores looking for those delicious soul nourishing foods? If so, it's time to introduce you to the world of real chocolate flavor—where 100% cacao reigns supreme!

Unadulterated Love in Every Bite

Ah, the magic of 100% cacao bars! Imagine nibbling on a piece of chocolate so pure that it's like a love letter to your taste buds. This is food alchemy at its finest when premium and fine aroma cacao is used as we do in 100% Antidote bars. Real chocolate flavor doesn't need sugar or additives given that the cacao is of top quality, therefore only the best makes it into Antidote.  Besides, It’s an instant mood booster, a pocket-sized bundle of joy that releases a surge of endorphins in your brain. Say hello to a happier, lovelier you!

Flavor Awaits

If you think 100% cacao bars are too bitter or intense, think again! Welcome to the best of cacao, where a spectrum of flavors await. The absence of sugar allows you to experience chocolate in its most authentic form. However it depends on which brand you choose as cheap or lower quality bars can be really bitter. Antidote 100% cacao bars have a walnut aroma with an incredible smooth texture.

For the Adventurous Soul

Looking for some adventure to spice up your life? Venture into the wild world of 100% cacao bars. Origin matters when it comes to real chocolate flavor. Each origin brings a unique flavor profile and at Antidote we are using the prized Nacional Complex cacao beans. The cacao for our 100% is specially prepared for each batch by Vicente. Every bite is a new experience, a new story, a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

More than Just a Treat—It's Healthy Pleasure!

Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too never tried 100% cacao chocolate. This is where indulgence meets wellness. High in antioxidants, fiber, and minerals, 100% cacao bars are a powerhouse of health benefits. Lower blood pressure? Check. Improved mood? Double-check. A guilt-free treat that's actually good for you? You bet! Food can indeed be your medicine and a delicious treat, all rolled into one. Needless to say it is a different experience than fine dark chocolate, so go easy or start lower and level up to 77% then 84% options and finally 100%. At Antidote we offer options between 70% dark and 100% cacao.

Sustainability, The Real MVP

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room—sustainability. Real chocolate flavor comes from real ingredients, sourced responsibly. Many craft chocolatiers work directly with cacao farmers, ensuring ethical practices. Most importantly to know is that premium beans require premium prices paid and in return is carefully processed, lead free and free of child labor. What’s more, Antidote chocolates is made right at the country of cacao origin. This supports local communities in Ecuador. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

The Future is Pure and Delicious

As we look ahead, the trend is clear: the world is waking up to the beauty of 100% cacao chocolate. This is not just a passing fad; it's the future of chocolate consumption. It's a movement led by connoisseurs, health enthusiasts, and eco-warriors who believe in purity and sustainability.

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By Red Thalhammer


This article is from Be Brain Fit.

Last updated May 8, 2023.
Edited and medically reviewed by Patrick Alban, DC. Written by Deane Alban.

To keep the Article intact, Antidote has only added 3 comments in brackets starting with *1 where we wanted to add Antidote and maker insights.

Dark chocolate boosts mood, protects the brain, improves memory and focus & more. Learn the benefits of cacao nibs and how to choose good dark chocolate.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
— Charles M. Schulz

The world loves chocolate.

Every year, we eat over 100 billion dollars worth of it!

We love chocolate not just because of the way it tastes.

We love it because of the way it makes us feel.

Chocolate is an enormously complex food containing over 1,500 biochemicals

Several of these are known to positively impact mood and brain health and function, which is why you’ll find dark chocolate on any list of top brain foods.

It’s rare that something so delicious is also healthy, but dark chocolate is an exception to the rule.

Here are 9 proven brain benefits of eating dark chocolate.



Dark chocolate boosts the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins

Endorphins bind with opiate receptors in the brain, leading to feelings of euphoria, like the kind joggers get from “runner’s high.”

They also reduce pain and diminish the negative effects of stress

Chocolate is a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness and positive mood.

Chocolate is the main food source of anandamide, a naturally occurring compound called the “bliss molecule.”

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This neurotransmitter is very similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. 

Dark chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a compound called the “love drug” because it creates a brain buzz similar to being in love. 

Theobromine, a caffeine-related compound that’s found in chocolate, is thought to make chocolate a mild aphrodisiac. 

And finally, chocolate increases levels of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter critical for positive mood. 



Compounds in dark chocolate boost memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain

The flavonoids in chocolate have been shown to improve blood flow to the brain in young and old alike.

In one study, a single dose of cocoa rich in flavanols (the main flavonoids found in cocoa and chocolate) caused a measurable increase in cerebral blood flow in healthy, young adults. 

[Discover the many ways that our modern lifestyle diminishes blood circulation to the brain.]

Another study found that drinking two cups of hot chocolate increased blood flow to the brain for 2-3 hours.



The brain uses a lot of oxygen, about 20% of the body’s total intake.

This makes the  brain susceptible to free radical damage.

Free radicals are unattached oxygen molecules that attack cells in much the same way that oxygen attacks metal, causing it to rust.

If you’ve ever seen a sliced apple or avocado turn brown, you’ve seen free radical damage at work.

Wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage on your skin are visible signs of free radical damage.

The same process is going on inside your brain.

Antioxidants protect brain cells by neutralizing free radical damage and preventing premature brain cell aging.

When tested against coffee and tea, cocoa powder drink exhibited more antioxidant activity than green tea, but less than coffee. 



Cocoa’s flavonoids enter the brain and accumulate in regions involved in learning and memory, especially the hippocampus. 

Seniors who consume foods high in flavonoids, including chocolate, score better on standardized cognitive tests

Chocolate also contains some caffeine, a known brain booster that, in low doses, improves both mental and physical performance

" Chocolate is an enormously complex food containing over 1,500 biochemicals. 

Caffeine in a normal-size serving of chocolate is relatively low compared to tea and, especially, coffee.

So eating chocolate in moderation probably won’t contain enough caffeine to make you feel wired or keep you awake at night.



Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that is so good for anxiety and stress that it’s been called “nature’s Valium.”

It can help reduce stress by suppressing the release of the stress hormone cortisol

Getting more magnesium in your diet can improve memory, focus, mood, sleep, and resilience to stress. 

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Magnesium is largely missing from the modern diet, but chocolate contains a substantial amount of it. 

Cocoa solids contain more magnesium per gram than almost any other food. 

 It’s suspected that people who crave chocolate might be deficient in magnesium.



Chocolate is the most widely craved food

But indulging in cheap, mass-produced milk chocolate doesn’t reduce cravings.

In fact, it fuels them (because of the sugar that’s in milk chocolate).

On the other hand, high-quality dark chocolate is extremely satisfying, so you should find that you’re satisfied eating less of it.

Eating a little dark chocolate has been shown to reduce cravings for junk food of all kinds — sweet, salty, and fatty. 

Consequently, it can help you make healthy food choices and lose weight.

Is all this satisfaction due to chocolate’s unique profile of phytochemicals?

Or is there a psychological aspect to our love affair with chocolate?

Interestingly, it seems that the sensory experience of eating dark chocolate is an important part of its ability to satisfy cravings.

When scientists put the beneficial ingredients of chocolate in a pill, it did not have the same appetite-suppressing effect. 



There have been many exciting findings regarding chocolate’s use in treating brain-related medical conditions like strokes and dementia.

The consumption of flavonoid-rich foods like cocoa may potentially limit, prevent, or reverse age-related brain deterioration

The powerful antioxidants found in dark chocolate reduce the risk of dementia.

In one study, the more chocolate seniors ate, the less likely they were to develop dementia

Chocolate’s flavanols improved cognition in seniors diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). 

Dark chocolate has been found to decrease insulin resistance.

This is significant because many experts believe Alzheimer’s is a disease of insulin resistance, a form of diabetes of the brain. 

When brain cells become insulin-resistant, they don’t get the glucose they need, and subsequently die.



One of the most unusual health benefits of dark chocolate is that it increases beneficial bacteria in your intestines.

And oddly, this is good news for your brain!

Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are two of the most prevalent strains of “good” bacteria in your gut and are found in most probiotic supplements.

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They act as antioxidants, protecting the brain from free radical damage

Chocolate also acts as a prebiotic, keeping good bacteria levels high and “bad” bacteria in check.

An overabundance of bad bacteria can lower levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). 

This important brain chemical is essential for keeping existing brain cells healthy and stimulating the formation of new brain cells.



You’ve already seen that eating dark chocolate can improve your ability to learn, focus, and remember.

One study reports that the more chocolate a country consumes, the more Nobel Prize winners it has!

While this may sound like a joke, the study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a prestigious organization not known for pranks.

In all seriousness though, eating quality chocolate has been shown to be neuroprotective and to enhance brain plasticity, a trait that’s linked to increased intelligence. 



To get the maximum brain benefits from chocolate, the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you.

Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains more of the things that are good for you, like flavonoids and antioxidants, and less of the things that aren’t, like sugar. *1 (Antidote Milk chocolate bars are very low in sugar and do not compare with other milk chocolate bars)

It’s thought that the dairy in milk chocolate could interfere with flavonoid absorption, but, so far, studies have been inconclusive


When you see a number like 70% on a bar of dark chocolate, this indicates the total percentage of everything derived from the cocoa bean — chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder.

In general, 70% is a good minimum to start for any significant health benefits.

Like many of the finer things in life, eating very dark chocolate can be an acquired taste. 

Note: The terms cacao and cocoa are often used interchangeably on labels. Technically, cacao is the name of the bean from which chocolate is made. Cocoa refers to the processed final product. 


I’ve seen several websites mention that cacao is heavily sprayed with pesticides, making it one of the most chemical-laden food crops.

But I haven’t found any reliable data to back this up or to examine how much of a health concern this is for the consumer.

However, organic is usually a good indicator of overall quality.

*2 (Knowing how Antidote farmers care for their cacao we can’t confirm that. However Antidote uses organic when possible. Antidote chooses not to buy organic cacao in order to get the best possible quality for flavor and purity) 

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Truly healthy dark chocolate will contain only a handful of ingredients.

Besides cocoa, it will contain a sweetener and not much else.

It won’t contain high fructose corn syrup, chemical additives, emulsifiers, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial color or flavoring, or any other artificial ingredients.

Additionally, you may notice the words “fair trade” on chocolate labels.

Fair Trade certification ensures that farmers receive a fair price and that no slave or child labor was used. 

*3 (Antidote as well as many other bean-to-bar makers choose Direct Trade over Fair Trade as purchasing cacao directly from the famers creates a much bigger impact and higher profits for farmers)



Dark chocolate truly deserves the term “brain food.”

It can improve overall brain health, focus, and concentration, and even make you happier.

It protects the brain from aging and oxidation, and helps to keep it fit and fully functioning.

To get the most mental health benefits, choose the darkest chocolate that you enjoy.

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Antioxidants in chocolate, Heart Benefits and More!

By Red Thalhammer

healthy chocolate antioxidants heart

Healthy chocolate still sounds like a dream for many, but chocolate itself has not gained an official status of a health food yet. Super dark chocolate though is growing in reputation, as several studies indicate, here is a heart-healthy choice.

As revealed by these studies, chocolate and its primary ingredient, cacao, is heart healthy. Flavanols from cocoa beans deliver antioxidants thus repairing cell damage. These flavanols also help lowering blood pressure, boosting vascular functions, and help people to stay younger.

Antioxidants in Chocolate – The Studies.

Antioxidants protect cells and tissues from damage by free radicals. These radicals are unstable molecules that can weaken cells to a large extent. Antioxidants act as an effective insurance policy against these radicals that result in undue stress and aging.

The presence of cacao content in super dark chocolate like AntidoteChoco and the slow roasting methods used to prepare those chocolate bars boosts the presence of antioxidants in them. 

The amount of antioxidants, per dark chocolate serving, also showcased greater antioxidant capacity and higher flavanol and polyphenol levels compared to other fruits. Dr Debra Miller even remarked cacao seed to be a "Super Fruit" as it includes nutritional value beyond its composition.

How do Antioxidants Actually Help our Body?

Antioxidants are actually molecules that fight with free radicals in our body. Free radicals include compounds that cause undue harm when their number is too high in the body. The presence of free radicals is connected to multiple illnesses, such as diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer.

Your body possesses inherent antioxidant defenses to keep free radical count normal. Antioxidant preservatives also help food manufacturers to develop food with increased shelf life.

Without antioxidants, free radicals can cause serious harm to the body although in their normal count, they can serve important functions like fight infections. Maintaining a balance of free radicals and antioxidants is key to good health. When the count of free radicals outnumber antioxidants, it can lead to oxidative stress that can damage your DNA and other important body molecules. This factor increases cancer risk, and also accelerates the aging process.

Free radicals are formed due to several factors including air pollution, smoke from cigarettes, alcohol intake, high blood sugar levels, consumption of fatty acids, radiation, viral infections, intense exercise, and overall antioxidant deficiency. Expect negative health outcomes with excess free radicals including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Summary on benefits of antioxidants:

  • Antioxidants protect cellular damage caused by free radicals.
  • They cut down oxidative stress that can lead to cancer risks, vision loss, and other conditions.
  • Works as a radical scavenger, hydrogen and electron donor that boosts health.
  • Antioxidants also help people with premature aging, since it dispels free radicals that cause your skin to age quickly.
  • Antioxidant supplements help reduce vision loss resulting out of macular degeneration.

It safeguards DNA and other important body molecules necessary for optimal health.

Takeaways based on cacao content in super dark chocolate.

Cacao beans owing to its high antioxidants and fat content offers strong potential health benefits. AntidoteChoco with 70% to 100% cacao content thus is extremely healthy if consumed in moderation to balance calorie levels. Cocoa phenols found in the chocolate are compounds that reduce blood pressure.

Remember, this information is not a license to go on a chocolate binge :)

healthy chocolate antioxidants heart

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Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

By Red Thalhammer

why  chocolate  good  you stress

Not all dark chocolate is made equal. The Essence of Antidote chocolate is a remedy or chocolate pill for every obstacle. Maybe you’re having a stress-filled week or just need to take a minute to relax. Or perhaps you just need something to lift your spirits! We’ve got the Antidote! After all, it is a very versatile remedy! Honest and sincere, it is a powerhouse for many situations!

Heart Blues? 

A few Squares lift your spirits! With the high cacao content and minimal processing we maximize the potency of antioxidants to create an exquisite mood booster.


Pop a choco pill to find balance. When you feel stress building up, dark chocolate can be a delightful equalizer! Cacao beans contain polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. Sink your teeth into a bit or two.

Getting Fit? 

Two pieces conquer your appetite. Did you know the right kind of dark chocolate can actually HELP you get fit? The bitter elements of dark chocolate reduces hunger cravings and satiates your appetite while gratifying deeply. This way, dark chocolate is not the problem to your fitness goals... it’s the solution! 


A square to awaken your senses. Whether or not we have a long work day, sometimes our energy levels are suffering – dark chocolate to the rescue! Higher intake of quality dark chocolate enables improvements in our memories, visualization, and cognitive functions! Plus the theobromine in dark chocolate will pull you through your afternoon slump!

Want a Power Shot? 

Flip a pill into it! Are you sneaking chocolate into your espresso?! We are!  Not only does coffee and the rich notes of dark chocolate pair well together, but also the nourishing properties of the chocolate will give you a morning boost of antioxidants!  Cacao is filled with antioxidants and has antidepressant effects as does coffee. A Power pair!  Antidote Naked would be our choice.


One bar for the lunch hour you don’t have. Dark Chocolate is perfect to nourish and curb hunger when on the go. It's one of the most nutrient dense convenience foods!! If you pick the right chocolate of course! On top of that, cacao can decrease food cravings in the brain for up to 4 hours. A delicious treat + power-packed nutrients sounds like our kind-of lunch! 


Have Antidote at your side. We all feel it these days. That's why we have: Chocolate that loves you back. And indeed the PEA in cacao, or phenethylamine, is probably the strongest “love chemical” in chocolate. It triggers a massive endorphin release in the brain. These happy little endorphins will give you some love you deserve!

Seeking Pleasure? 

It’s an Aphrodisiac! For most, chocolate is a symbol for love but there's also some science to back up that chocolate is a libido enhancer! Two chemicals are responsible: One, tryptophan, a building block of serotonin and a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. The other, phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, which is released in the brain when people fall in love. To top it off, it is ultra rich, silky, and decadent - who wouldn't have feelings of love when one little square holds all of that?!

Need Some Chi 

Take some choc! Smelling the rich aromas and taking the first flavor packed bite in a square of dark chocolate is enough to get your senses up and dancing! In case you never heard of CHI or QI, it's the energy of life itself, a balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation ✌🏻 An Antidote to keep things flowing and going! 

Need an Antidote? 

We got you! Find sanity in the chaos with 15 exquisite options. Antidote will nourish you deeply on an emotional level while boosting your mood. Try it!! And if it doesn't give you "everything" you need - at least you have some delicious chocolate - Sometimes that's all the care we need!

why chocolate good you stress

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