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NEW Flavor: GINGER + Grains of Paradise Antidote

NEW Flavor: GINGER + Grains of Paradise Antidote

Sharing a little story on how this flavor upgrade came about.

First off, I’m terribly flavor-and-quality spoiled when it comes to food. Growing up in a restaurant and small agriculture next to it in Austria’s countryside, my mom would cook fresh lunch every day for the six of us plus, there was always more for friends, guests, etc. She is a master with soups, fish, meat dishes, cakes, and desserts from Apfelstrudel to Sacher Torte.  Only in my adult life living in different cities like Salzburg, Vienna, Rome, New York, and Miami, I realize how amazing that was, including the simple fact of having someone put a whole meal on the table day after day for decades. I’m sure you can relate to that.  When eating out as a golden rule, I avoid anything she would make as it wouldn’t match what I had imagined it to be or taste. I’m hard to please, so to speak!

As a result, I cook a lot, and the spices in my kitchen are abundant and spread throughout, as I like to play with flavor and experiment. One evening, I used Grains of Paradise as part of the seasoning, which has this aromatic poignant peppery - citrus - ginger aroma and here we go. I thought: “That is the perfect pairing for my ginger bar to give it more excitement and depth”. The following day I jumped on the packaging to update and made it happen overnight, so to speak. To make these quick decisions is the pleasure of running a small business. The Ginger + Grains of Paradise fusion goes so beautifully with a fruity cacao from a renowned farm in Ecuador that delivers consistent fine quality for Antidote. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

My mom, now 80 years old, young at heart, beautiful and with zest for life, still puts a delicious meal on the table every day for the family, which I enjoy more than ever when I’m visiting. Thanks to her, my creative side and a trip to Sri Lanka in 2000 that opened my horizon into the world of spices... all that is resulting in our distinctive and special Antidote flavors. I hope they provide much pleasure to you!

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