A Treat you Can Rely on. Cacao - A Superfood & Love Molecule

THE MAGICAL Superfood chocolate you can rely on

LOVE  Antidote bars are loaded with cacao, boasting with antioxidants and feel good nutrients that triggers massive endorphine release in the brain. Feel the love.

HIGHLY CREATIVE  Creativity is in our DNA. We create distinctive flavors, using “new-in-chocolate” ingredients and have been pioneering unique flavors, beautiful packaging & empowering storytelling for optimists and believers of a beautiful tomorrow.

ADVENTUROUS  Antidote is born from an adventurous spirit of exploration, fused with cross-cultural influences of ingredients and spices and courageous women entrepreneurship.

HEALTHY PLEASURE  We focus on high cacao and less sugar. We believe food can be your medicine and delicious treat – at the same time.

SUSTAINABILITY at its core. Using real ingredients and direct trade with our farmers as well as chocolate made at cacao origin, plus it's good for you. That is a sustainable live cycle for all involved.

cacao from ECUADOR

supporting farms locally with organic farming practices


with hand selected bits and pieces of fruits and spices


maximizes antioxidants & flavonoids

Fine Flavor CACAO

for premium quality chocolate

Top 10 why Antidote Feeds Your Superpowers

1. Cacao is a superfood and it’s loaded with love inducing endorphins

2. We use only the best fine aroma cacao and you can taste it

3. Our 15 flavors will take you on a culinary adventure 

4. Only with real fruits, nuts, spices - never essential oils or flavorings

5. Antidote feels light due to the high cacao and low sugar

6. Feed your nerves with nutrients and magnesium from cacao

7. Direct trade and top quality cacao also means purity and free of lead

8. No matter the type of sugar or sugar alternative, only high cacao will give you the feel good.

9. For sugar free options try our famous raw 100% bars with dates or cacao nibs

10. Remember, Antidote loves you back and makes you feel good ;)