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the Sweet Significance of Licorice in Antidote 🤩 😍

By Red Thalhammer

the Sweet Significance of Licorice in Antidote  🤩 😍

Why is this bar so addictive? It's really dark but without any bitterness, brimming with a citric double dose of lemon, intense floral cacao and sweet licorice root. I have been exploring licorice for over a year in my baking with many kinds from various sources. It was my fabulous secret ingredient! Now, the secret is in Antidote. However, just like with cacao beans, the differences in flavor and quality on licorice are as far apart as 0 and 100. That extreme.

As always, our mantra is flavor finds efficacy.  😋 While I choose the licorice for its aroma, I'm as excited to share that in Ayurvedic tradition, it is a healthful powerhouse, often called the "Healer's Root." With its extensive health benefits and unique characteristics, this extraordinary root is a key player within Ayurvedic medicine.

“Licorice is a versatile plant long cherished for its many therapeutic properties. This potent herb is celebrated for its rejuvenating properties, serving as a brain tonic and offering a shield against life's inevitable wear and tear. It also fortifies immunity, enhances skin complexion, any much more” This from a Kerala Ayurveda Blog. However just want to clarify that the dose in Antidote is small and not intended to heal or treat anything.

Maybe the combination of all makes it so magic? I would love to hear what you think! Supply is limited with LOLA (her name), so take your chance! (and find a little story on LOLA on the back)

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By Red Thalhammer


There is a lot of recent discussion on lead and cadmium in some chocolate brands that I wanted to address: A study from a consumer reports organization has tested mostly large and some small brands on cadmium and lead levels. Out of the 28 tested, 23 bars of chocolate — which were produced by the likes of Trader Joe’s, Tony’s, Pascha, Lily’s, Hu, Hershey’s, Godiva, and Lindt to name a few that had super high levels of either lead or cadmium. The smaller premium brands they tested were mostly ok. I’m glad to hear that buying premium quality proofs to be healthy in that regard as well. Antidote was not part of this test, but we do tests ourselves and generally refer to European Standards.

Do you wonder how cadmium and lead gets into chocolate? Cadmium is absorbed through the soil into the trees. All our fine aroma cacao is form Ecuador and luckily Ecuador has not had much problem with cadmium. 

Lead on the other hand is a post harvest issue, and can be prevented with proper and save handling practices. Knowing our farmers, their process and facility of their post-harvest practices, I can say with confidence that there is no issue for the cacao we use at Antidote. 

Please see below test results as for cadmium and lead. (Sorry, we only have them available in spanish).



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Luxurious Dark Chocolate Gift Bars: The Perfect Present for This Season!

By Red Thalhammer

Dark Chocolate Gift

Dark Chocolate Gift Bars - Antidote Chocolate

Dark chocolate bars to gift are the embodiment of delightful indulgence, an adventure in flavors, and a hit of bliss, making them the ideal present this holiday season! Whether you're hunting for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or seeking an exquisite after-dinner nibble, the opportunities to relish quality dark chocolate are endless!

In a world yearning for sweetness and solace, dark chocolate gift bars hit the sweet spot, offering both luxury and wellness. Here's why Antidote chocolate gifts will win your loved ones over:

Love is Dark Chocolate. No Exceptions.

Who can resist the lure of chocolate, especially when it's dark and presented with innovative flavor fusions? Dark chocolate has gained immense popularity, becoming a universal symbol of love, passion, and gourmet indulgence. It not only soothes our souls but also elevates our spirits, acting as a magical key to happiness due to the natural chemical compounds of cacao. Opt for true dark chocolate gift bars and ditch the mainstream sugary concoctions to experience elevated moods and positive vibes!

Gourmet Dark Chocolate: A Luxurious Yet Affordable Delight

Our innovative and artistic dark chocolate in beautiful presentation lend themselves naturally as gift bars and versatile delights that are suitable for every celebration. Each bar tells a story and can easily be matched with the characteristics of the person to receive. By gifting exquisite superfood chocolate you showcase your impeccable taste and consideration for your loved ones' well-being. Gift the luxury of sophisticated chocolate and innovative flavor fusions and earn a cherished place in their hearts for discovering a beautiful delight.

Dark Chocolate Bars: A Symphony of Nutrients and Flavors!

Antidote's Dark Chocolate Gift Bars are a treasure trove of nutrients, brimming with wholesome ingredients and rich cacao, yet low in sugar. These bars are not just mood enhancers but also packed with flavanols that combat premature aging. A piece of our dark chocolate, crafted with meticulous care, offers more antioxidants than a handful of blueberries! Gift bars with a minimum of 70% cacao content and go as high as you like. Due to the quality of cacao our bars will never be bitter as they are made with the prized Nacional Complex cacao within Direct Trade relationships that also pays farmers double of Fair Trade. Always premium and partially organic ingredients.

Immaculate Presentation with Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Choose from fifteen exclusive flavors to find the perfect one for every individual on your gift list! Based on story, color or message on the bar. Our meticulously designed packaging eliminates the need for additional wrapping, making each bar a ready-to-gift piece of beauty. Select bars topped with real fruits, pieces, spices, and various exciting flavor fusions based on individual preferences. Whether they love milk chocolate, are fans of almonds, coffee, ginger, or strawberries, we've got you covered!

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