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What Makes It Taste So Good?

By Red Thalhammer

chocolate taste good delicious sustainable

Here at Antidote, we say that the true name for chocolate is sharing the flavors AND it’s incredible benefits with the world. So what elevates Antidote and separates it from the crowd? We’re here to tell you! 

High on Cacao, Low on Sugar 

We believe in decadent taste with powerful nutrients, which means high cacao content and low sugar. It's delicious, powerful and guilt-free. Our top priority is full flavor with preserving the power of the bean and preserving antioxidants like flavonols and magnesium.

Direct Trade Relationships with Farmer Co-Operatives 

Direct trade means no middleman – we order from co-operatives and other farmers directly to their conditions. Knowing each other face to face makes it all more gratifying and creates a higher level of accountability between us. Because we rely on them to deliver the highest quality and to receive our cacao in time as most of the cacao we order is custom prepared for Antidote!

High Attention to Detail 

The magic and the devil is in the details!  And in chocolate making there are so many ways to mess up in every step – from the bean to the bar. 🍫 That means we are constantly obsessing over things that most of you won’t notice but that’s what it takes! From perfecting flavors to making engaging packaging we love diving into the details! 

Only whole and pure ingredients 

One of the main Antidote pinnacles  🌿 Because whole and unadulterated quality ingredients have the best flavor and nutrition. Whether it’s cacao, sugar, spices… That is why we rather use whole cane sugar than sugar alternatives, bits and pieces of real spices rather than essential oils. All in respect to depth of flavor and the power of nutrients from whole ingredients.

We create, develop, and innovate 

Differentiation and new ideas is what makes this fun! Taking pride in creating, and innovating original flavors, packaging and processes. Antidote was born with the principles in mind that chocolate is a delicious and fun mood booster, stress lifter and energizer. As a creative, I thrive on ideas and then become obsessed – like in the case of Antidote. That’s how it started!

Little cacao butter added, the power is in the beans! 

Beans naturally consist of approximately 50% cacao butter. 🌿We keep added cacao butter very low for two reasons: A full and rich cacao aroma and for the power and cacao benefits. Trust your tastebuds! The benefits are in the whole beans, and not in the cacao butter!! 

Our flavors are created with time and perfected over time. 

We are all about flavor. We can spend up to two years at times to create a flavor and to find the perfect complementing flavor pairing. Using real chunks of fruits and spices – from coffee to mango and juniper berries. Choosing ingredients with precision and working closely with our Ecuadorian partners to perfect every stage of our ingredients preparation and production process! 

chocolate taste good delicious sustainable

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By Red Thalhammer


We often make food decisions based on price, but if we look deeper to understand the difference between a lower and higher cost product, there is so much more value when we invest a little more for pure quality products. It is also important to note that a high price alone does not always represent true quality!!!  There are multiple elements to consider.

One for instance, our Japanese distribution partner recently asked if we had changed the beans in our 84% bars as the flavor seems a bit stronger than usual. Welcome to a pure product that is not masked with sugar and relies on the raw ingredients from farmers. There are rainy seasons with little sun that affect the flavor profile of the beans. We try to keep the flavor very consistent, although there is always the chance of slight alterations in each batch, much like wines and their respective years.

To explore these aspects of quality further, let’s review what you pay for when you buy an Antidote or any consciously produced product: 

  1. Fresh high quality ingredients that provide more nutrients and contain less sugar and no fillers
  2. Direct trade with farmers who are paid a fare price for their quality, above and beyond the world trade price
  3. Profits that go to real people
  4. Slight changes in flavor due to the nature of an agricultural product

And what you get: 

  • Potency and high flavor, allowing gratification with smaller portions
  • Purity and nutrients for vitality and energy 
  • A healthy supply chain and environment through conscious practices such as direct trade 

Now compare this to what you pay for on a mass market packaged item from a major corporation that costs half or a third of Antidote or any high quality product.

  1. Lower grade ingredients and lots of sugar, fat or fillers
  2. Exploitation of people and environmental damages 
  3. Profits that go to already rich shareholders
  4. Extremely consistent flavor with the help of additives

And what you get:

  • Exposure to more fat, sugar or salt that promotes over eating
  • Lack of nutrients negatively impact your health
  • Contributing to damaging or exploitative farming and environmental practices
Now this is a very concise overview but you get the picture. Investing in premium products go well beyond our own benefit, as our spending also supports the effects each company has on their employees, our environment and overall health. Thanks for choosing quality as we believe you are getting more for your buck! Do you agree?

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