ANTIDOTE super premium dark chocolate that is indeed healthy for you!
We set a standard in dark chocolate bars with flavor inclusions of original flavor pairings with real bits and pieces. (no essential oils or artificial flavors) We are proud to offer dark and milk chocolate bars containing a higher cacao content and much less sugar than other brands.
We also offer sugar-free raw 100% Chocolate bars. Cacao beans contain high amounts of antioxidants and anandamide that provide an endorphin boost next to many other health benefits. With our formulas and slow roasting process we maximize antioxidants and nutrients. Guilt free and wrapped in beautiful designed gift ready packaging where each bar provides a true Antidote for all your senses.


Antidote is a woman owned company founded in 2010. We are dedicated to creating exquisite treats to enjoy, nourish and energize. All bars are made in small batches and with fine aroma Arriba Nacional cacao beans from Ecuador.

Red at Farm


My love affair with chocolate began at an early age at my parents’ restaurant in Austria. But it wasn’t until 2009 that I pivoted from a successful career as an Art Director working and living in NYC into a full-time chocolate venture with a singular vision -- to create an antidote to sugar-laden industrial chocolate and to capitalize on the cacao health benefits for deep emotional gratification.

A serendipitous text message calling for an Antidote prompted me to create a true mood boosting super chocolate that is loaded with exquisite and antioxidant filled cacao and real flavor toppings. Friends and family waited in anticipation to taste my latest batch as I experimented in my kitchen: conching and tempering, and coming up with the perfect combinations of chocolate, herbs, and spices. 

Soon my quaint apartment permeated with aromatic delight as boxes of the finest ingredients from around the world piled up. Nine month into my journey, I settled on the world-renowned Arriba Nacional beans for their wonderful floral and fruity aroma. Not long after, I packed my bags and left for Ecuador with a honed-in recipe in hand.

The very first batch of Antidote Chocolate was launched on July 25th, 2010, and quickly found approval from New York’s cultured palates. Today, Antidote Chocolate is sold in hundreds of grocery, specialty, and natural food stores nationwide as well as internationally. But the small batch DIY spirit, which led me to this moment remains in the making of each and every bar. 

Red Thalhammer

Antidote Founder, Taste Maker, Creative Director and CEO