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You are here because you like a healthy treat and you may wonder why we use good quality cane sugar instead of other alternatives? 

Yes we use cane sugar that has been around for a very long time. We use various shades of unrefined cane sugar, never any bleached white varieties. Therefore cane sugar is a save and sustainable solution to use in our Antidote. Cane sugar grows in Ecuador right in the country where our cacao is from and where we produce Antidote. Please note that our mantra is: High cacao + low sugar. 

Here's what we think about some of the other sugars that are used in the market and that are promoted as healthy. Please remember sugar is always sugar.

Coconut Palm Sugar: Is is harvested in Southeast Asia and needs to be shipped around the globe to use. We don't deem this to be a sustainable option especially when there are very similar cane sugars available in South America.

Dates as sugar: We use Dates since 2012 in one of our 100% cacao bars that has fine slivers of dates added for a sweet contrast. Dates are precious and we would not grind them up with cacao to use as a sweetener. If you are a purist and avoiding sugars, then this is the perfect chocolate for you. We also offer 100% cacao with crunchy cacao nibs for a total sugar-free experience.

Empty sweeteners and artificial sweeteners as Stevia, Erythritol, Monk Fruit rather confuse the body as there is no nutrition and calories in them. They trigger blood sugar levels telling the brain something sweet it coming but then it doesn’t. They wreak havoc on our gut microbiome as well. 

Further we operate under our principle "function follows flavor" and we believe in balance as no ingredient or spice in extreme quantities is good for us. Therefore the kind and tiny amount of whole cane sugar that we choose with precision for each chocolate percentage focuses on the overall flavor and the purest aroma of the precious cacao to shine through. We choose the cane sugar option based on the cacao beans and formulas and not the other way around. Sugar is sugar, no matter what type and the value and flavor of each chocolate bar is in the precious cacao!