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NEW Flavor: GINGER + Grains of Paradise Antidote

By Red Thalhammer

NEW Flavor: GINGER + Grains of Paradise Antidote

Sharing a little story on how this flavor upgrade came about.

First off, I’m terribly flavor-and-quality spoiled when it comes to food. Growing up in a restaurant and small agriculture next to it in Austria’s countryside, my mom would cook fresh lunch every day for the six of us plus, there was always more for friends, guests, etc. She is a master with soups, fish, meat dishes, cakes, and desserts from Apfelstrudel to Sacher Torte.  Only in my adult life living in different cities like Salzburg, Vienna, Rome, New York, and Miami, I realize how amazing that was, including the simple fact of having someone put a whole meal on the table day after day for decades. I’m sure you can relate to that.  When eating out as a golden rule, I avoid anything she would make as it wouldn’t match what I had imagined it to be or taste. I’m hard to please, so to speak!

As a result, I cook a lot, and the spices in my kitchen are abundant and spread throughout, as I like to play with flavor and experiment. One evening, I used Grains of Paradise as part of the seasoning, which has this aromatic poignant peppery - citrus - ginger aroma and here we go. I thought: “That is the perfect pairing for my ginger bar to give it more excitement and depth”. The following day I jumped on the packaging to update and made it happen overnight, so to speak. To make these quick decisions is the pleasure of running a small business. The Ginger + Grains of Paradise fusion goes so beautifully with a fruity cacao from a renowned farm in Ecuador that delivers consistent fine quality for Antidote. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

My mom, now 80 years old, young at heart, beautiful and with zest for life, still puts a delicious meal on the table every day for the family, which I enjoy more than ever when I’m visiting. Thanks to her, my creative side and a trip to Sri Lanka in 2000 that opened my horizon into the world of spices... all that is resulting in our distinctive and special Antidote flavors. I hope they provide much pleasure to you!

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The Joyful Journey of Direct Trade Chocolate

By Red Thalhammer

Direct Trade Chocolate

Unveiling the Secret of Happiness: Direct Trade Chocolate!

Who says you can't have your chocolate and feel good about it too? Welcome to the sustainable world of Direct Trade chocolate. You may be more familiar with the term Fare Trade and its practices, however Direct Trade makes a bigger impact for you and the farmers. This is the chocolate that wraps you in a cozy blanket of joy, while also cuddling the planet and its people. Yesss, you heard it right! It's all about love, sustainability, and caring for the people who grow the cacao. Ready to dive in?

Taste the Love in Every Bite

Imagine a bar of chocolate that is not just a treat for your taste buds but a cuddle for your soul. Direct Trade chocolate which in general pays farmers much more than Fair Trade, is packed with love and care from the people who grow it and handle it in a save and clean environment. At Antidote we know the farmers of the cacao we purchase and pay them a premium for the high quality of cacao they deliver. Savoring Direct Trade chocolate is like receiving a warm, heartfelt hug from mother earth herself. Feel the love, baby!

Where Connection Meets Consciousness

Why settle for basic when you can have extraordinary? In the land of direct trade chocolate, quality reigns supreme! Expect the highest quality ingredients and finest aroma cacao that your palate never even dreamed of. To have that direct connection to the farms and knowing the level of care and attention to detail is making Antidote bars extra special. What’s more? Each unique Antidote flavor comes with a story—a story of empowerment, ethical sourcing, and a brighter future. We're talkin' connection with a conscience!

A Bold Adventure in Every Bite

Are you a thrill-seeker? A flavor adventurer? Direct Trade Chocolate is your passport to a journey of taste and ethics. Born from the adventurous spirit of exploration by our founder, this chocolate is a melting pot of global influences. From the lush cacao farms from various provinces in Ecuador to the hands of our lovely chocolate production team in Quito, Ecuador, to our founders Austrian roots and European quality standards and values, each step is a chapter in an adventure story written by diverse cultures and bold entrepreneurship. Take a bite, and let your senses take flight!

Healthy Indulgence: Pleasure Without the Guilt

Whoever said that pleasure and health can't go hand-in-hand never tasted Direct Trade Chocolate. With a focus on high cacao content and less sugar, Antidote chocolate is a healthy pleasure instead of a guilty one. As a bonus, working with direct trade cacao also ensures a lead free chocolate bar. It is handled and cared for so well that there is no way of lead getting into it. Think of it as the superhero of sweets—a delicious treat that's also your wellness ally. It's the perfect blend of indulgence and nourishment. A win-win for your waistline and your soul!

Sustainability: The Heartbeat of Direct Trade Chocolate

At the core of each chocolate bar is a commitment to sustainability. How? By engaging in direct trade with farmers cutting out any middleman, these chocolate bars ensure a fair wage that is a more than double than Faire Trade, sustainable, clean and often organic farming practices. All that encompasses ethical producing chocolate. Plus, these divine bars are made right at the cacao origin making a bigger impact for the people and families in the cacao producing country. The result? A sustainable life cycle that benefits everyone involved—farmers, producers, and YOU!

The Bottom Line: Direct Trade Chocolate is the Future!

So, the next time you're craving something sweet, make it a Direct Trade Chocolate. It's not just a bar; it's an experience—a journey through love, care, adventure, health, and sustainability. This is the chocolate of the future, a future that's as bright and joyful as the chocolate itself.

Get your hands on a bar of Direct Trade Chocolate today and be a part of this joyful revolution. Yes it may cost more than your average chocolate bar but we guarantee you it will outperform your average bar by 3+ times in value – considering all the points we discussed. Cheers to a life that's as rich, full, and delightful as the chocolate you're about to savor!

Till then, stay choco-tastic! 🍫✨

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Where to Find Low Sugar Chocolate: The Ultimate Guide for Sweet Wellness!

By Red Thalhammer

Where to Find Low Sugar Chocolate

Hello, chocolate enthusiasts and health-conscious mavens! If you've been on a quest for the holy grail of delicious yet healthy indulgence, you're in the right place. Today, we're diving into the scrumptious world of low sugar chocolate. No, it's not an oxymoron; it's a reality, and it's out there waiting for you to find it! 🍫

Feel the LOVE 💖

Who says you can't have your chocolate and eat it too? Low sugar options like Antidote Chocolate bars let you experience the love without the sugar crash. These heavenly bars are packed with high-quality cacao which offers superior aroma that doesn’t require that much sugar. The bars are therefore loaded with cacao, the source of antioxidants and feel-good nutrients that will have your brain releasing endorphins like it's New Year's Eve!

Ignite Your HIGHLY CREATIVE Side 🎨

Boring flavors are so yesterday! If you're into experimental tastes, the low sugar chocolate world has got you covered with exciting flavor fusions as well. Antidote Chocolate have made a mark for culinary interesting and beautiful flavors. Founder and tastemaker Red Thalhammer creates exquisite flavor fusions using spices, herbs, fruits, nuts and salts to dance on your palate. From lavender + red salt, anise + tomato to coffee + cardamom, these bars combine creativity, beauty, flavors and textures to inspire you.

Go on an ADVENTUROUS Journey 🌍

Why settle for the mundane when you can go on a taste expedition? Low sugar chocolate is more than a snack; it's a treat and energy booster. Antidote Chocolate embodies this adventurous spirit, infusing their bars with ingredients and spices from around the world. It's like taking a trip to a far-off land without leaving your couch. Plus, Antidote chocolate was founded on courageous women entrepreneurship, so every bite you take supports a fierce vision!


By now, you might be wondering, "But where can I actually find low sugar chocolate?" One word: Antidote. It is not only an antidote to sugar laden chocolate but a delicious antidote to your emotional afflictions, all with high cacao content and minimal sugar. It's the epitome of healthy pleasure. You're essentially having a slice of wellness, and it tastes like a dream! Who knew food could be your medicine and a delectable treat at the same time?


 If you're someone who cares about the planet as much as your palate, you’re in for a treat. Antidote Chocolate is committed to sustainability, from direct trade with farmers to producing chocolate at cacao origin. Real ingredients and responsible sourcing make it a win-win for everyone involved. You can indulge knowing you're contributing to a sustainable life cycle.

Where to Find Your Low Sugar Chocolate Goodies 📍

Now that you're sold on the idea, you must be eager to know where to get your hands on these bars of happiness. Antidote Chocolate is available online and at select specialty grocers and health food stores. You can also look for low sugar chocolate options at dedicated chocolate shops, or your local grocery store in the specialty or health food aisle, just pay attention to the cacao percentage. The higher the percentage like 77% and 84%, the lower the sugar content. That way you make sure you're looking in the right direction! The Meadow specializes in chocolate and flowers with shops in Portland and Nolita in NYC and carries a wonderful variety including the whole Antidote chocolate range. The Market at the Tin Building by Jean-Georges also has Antidote and a great culinary assortment.

Wrapping It Up 🎁

So, for everyone asking, "Where to find low sugar chocolate?"—look no further! With brands like Antidote leading the charge, your options are as wide as they are delicious. Whether you're a chocolate connoisseur or someone just stepping into the world of healthy indulgence, low sugar chocolate enhances the way you dance.

Happy munching, folks! 🍫💕

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Hangover Remedy Superfood: Discover the Magic of 100% Cacao Chocolate

By Red Thalhammer

Hangover Remedy Superfood

Feel the Love with Cacao

Let's talk about love, shall we? We mean the love for the magical bean that's been putting smiles on our faces for centuries—cacao! But we're not talking about any ordinary chocolate here; we're diving deep into the world of quality 100% cacao chocolate, the hangover remedy superfood you never knew existed!

Get more with Distinctive Flavors

Bidding farewell to a hangover has never been this fun or this delicious! If 100% cacao chocolate is too much you can find a lot of dark chocolate options from 70% to 84% with culinary flavor pairings such as Lavender + Red Salt and Banana + Cayenne. With its fine aroma cacao and premium ingredients, this isn't just your average treat. It's an avenue for culinary adventure.

The Adventurous Spirit of 100% Cacao Chocolate

Feeling adventurous? 100% cacao chocolate is not for everyone. It has no sugar and is for the savage in you who like it pure and adventurous. A little gets a long way as it is dense with nutrients and healthy cacao fats. It’s a courageous venture into the realms of health and pleasure.

Healthy Pleasure: Your New Hangover Antidote

Tired of the dreaded "morning-after" syndrome? Say hello to your new best friend! 100% cacao chocolate is not just a treat; it's a remedy. Loaded with antioxidants and feel-good nutrients, this superfood triggers a massive release of endorphins in your brain. It's like a warm hug! And the best part? With 0 sugar, it's healthy pleasure.

Why 100% Cacao Chocolate Works as a Hangover Remedy

- Rich in Antioxidants: Cacao is packed with antioxidants that help detoxify your liver, speeding up the hangover recovery process. Since alcohol causes oxidative stress which leads the body to produce free radicals, it's very important to nourish your body with antioxidants and healthy fats.

- Nutrient-Dense: Magnesium, iron, and a host of other essential nutrients in cacao help replenish your body and get you back on your feet.

- Mood-Enhancing: The endorphin release is not just good for your soul; it's great for tackling hangover-induced mood swings too!

Sustainability is the Cherry on Top

What's better than enjoying a scrumptious, nourishing, mood-boosting bar of 100% cacao chocolate? With all natural ingredients, direct trade agreements and premium prices for farmers that deliver finest quality cacao, plus the fact that it's made at cacao origin, the life cycle of your chocolate is sustainable for all involved.

Parting Thoughts: A Beautiful Tomorrow with 100% Cacao Chocolate

So, the next time you're searching for a hangover remedy that's also a superfood, remember the rich and nourishing experience of 100% cacao chocolate. It's a remedy, it's a treat, and it's a lifestyle for those who have decided to cut out sugar entirely from their diet. Here's to optimists and believers of a beautiful tomorrow—your hangover remedy superfood is here for you to try!

Get your hands on it and experience the joy of healthy pleasure. Cheers to a life full of love, adventure, and of course, 100% cacao chocolate! 🍫

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Unlocking the Secret to Real Chocolate Flavor: The 100% Cacao Experience

By Red Thalhammer

Real Chocolate Flavor

The Purest Indulgence on Earth

Are you a chocolate aficionado? Do you find yourself scouring through artisanal chocolate shops, farmers' markets, and specialty stores looking for those delicious soul nourishing foods? If so, it's time to introduce you to the world of real chocolate flavor—where 100% cacao reigns supreme!

Unadulterated Love in Every Bite

Ah, the magic of 100% cacao bars! Imagine nibbling on a piece of chocolate so pure that it's like a love letter to your taste buds. This is food alchemy at its finest when premium and fine aroma cacao is used as we do in 100% Antidote bars. Real chocolate flavor doesn't need sugar or additives given that the cacao is of top quality, therefore only the best makes it into Antidote.  Besides, It’s an instant mood booster, a pocket-sized bundle of joy that releases a surge of endorphins in your brain. Say hello to a happier, lovelier you!

Flavor Awaits

If you think 100% cacao bars are too bitter or intense, think again! Welcome to the best of cacao, where a spectrum of flavors await. The absence of sugar allows you to experience chocolate in its most authentic form. However it depends on which brand you choose as cheap or lower quality bars can be really bitter. Antidote 100% cacao bars have a walnut aroma with an incredible smooth texture.

For the Adventurous Soul

Looking for some adventure to spice up your life? Venture into the wild world of 100% cacao bars. Origin matters when it comes to real chocolate flavor. Each origin brings a unique flavor profile and at Antidote we are using the prized Nacional Complex cacao beans. The cacao for our 100% is specially prepared for each batch by Vicente. Every bite is a new experience, a new story, a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

More than Just a Treat—It's Healthy Pleasure!

Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too never tried 100% cacao chocolate. This is where indulgence meets wellness. High in antioxidants, fiber, and minerals, 100% cacao bars are a powerhouse of health benefits. Lower blood pressure? Check. Improved mood? Double-check. A guilt-free treat that's actually good for you? You bet! Food can indeed be your medicine and a delicious treat, all rolled into one. Needless to say it is a different experience than fine dark chocolate, so go easy or start lower and level up to 77% then 84% options and finally 100%. At Antidote we offer options between 70% dark and 100% cacao.

Sustainability, The Real MVP

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room—sustainability. Real chocolate flavor comes from real ingredients, sourced responsibly. Many craft chocolatiers work directly with cacao farmers, ensuring ethical practices. Most importantly to know is that premium beans require premium prices paid and in return is carefully processed, lead free and free of child labor. What’s more, Antidote chocolates is made right at the country of cacao origin. This supports local communities in Ecuador. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

The Future is Pure and Delicious

As we look ahead, the trend is clear: the world is waking up to the beauty of 100% cacao chocolate. This is not just a passing fad; it's the future of chocolate consumption. It's a movement led by connoisseurs, health enthusiasts, and eco-warriors who believe in purity and sustainability.

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MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE? We have a better idea for you!

By Red Thalhammer


The mushroom revolution is upon us, but let's differentiate between the two categories: Psilocybin mushrooms, gaining traction from ancient shamanistic aids to new scientific studies, and adaptogenic mushrooms, such as Lion's Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi, cherished in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. While the former has made headlines, let's delve into the latter and their integration into delectable chocolate bars - a trend even recognized by The New York Times, however we are skeptical on various aspects to it.


"Why hasn't Antidote ventured into mushroom-infused bars?" you might wonder. Antidote has consistently pioneered flavor trends, yet mushroom integration poses challenges. The distinctive earthy flavor of mushrooms doesn't seamlessly blend with our fine cacao. However, the magic of adaptogenic mushrooms isn't their flavor, but their profound health advantages. Herein lies the next hurdle: the actual ratio of mushroom powder within the bars. To truly harness benefits, a substantial amount must be incorporated, along with ample cacao butter for palatable consistency. Skepticism arises one one hand how palatable these bars are when ample mushrooms are added and on the other end how effective depending on quantity added. 

Hold on - We have a better idea for you! Make your own and get the benefits of adaptogenic mushroom. Introducing a home made“Mushroom Coffee" or “Mushroom Chocolate”. Say adieu to afternoon coffees and embrace a harmonizing, soothing alternative. While its taste might not win medals, the feeling it leaves you with is deeply gratifying. Making your own mushroom hot chocolate also offers a budget friendly way to take advantage of the powers of adaptogenic mushrooms.


Make it richer by adding just two pieces of Antidote Supreme, crafting what we dub the ultimate "mushroom chocolate." Served hot, this drink promises transparency in its ingredients. While less travel-friendly, it's a potent and delightful afternoon indulgence. To elevate the experience further, consider adding a dash of your choice of milk or half-and-half to your Mushroom Chocolate. Now, let's spotlight the four key adaptogenic mushroom varieties I personally use half a teaspoon of each for my afternoon mushroom treat.

Here they are with their unique benefits:

  • Lion's Mane: Celebrated for its cognitive prowess, Lion's Mane is your brain's ally. Sharpness, memory, and mental clarity thrive in its presence.
  • Cordyceps: The energy booster you've craved, Cordyceps enhances vitality and stamina. Embrace its endurance-enhancing properties.
  • Reishi: The calming whisperer, Reishi alleviates stress and encourages relaxation. Serenity finds its companion here.
  • Chaga: Nature's immunity elixir, Chaga fortifies your body's defense mechanisms. Rich in antioxidants, it's a shield against daily stressors, bolstering your overall well-being.

You'll find these mushrooms available in powdered bulk form. I personally source many superfoods online where a variety of grade options exist. 

To complement this experience, the Antidote Supreme bake and snack 6oz bar is premium chocolate, crafted from fine aroma cacao with delightful nutty notes within its 73% cacao content. A versatile addition to your pantry, it seamlessly integrates into smoothies, hot chocolate, mushroom hot chocolate creations, cookies, baking, or simple snacking. This option offers affordability, especially during financial constraints, serving as a more budget-friendly alternative to purchasing smaller bars – especially for those chocoholics out there.

I hope you found inspiration to make your own mushroom chocolate beverage. Spice it up as you like. We love chocolate bars, we just think not every ingredient – no matter how trendy – should be paired in a chocolate bar, but a hot beverage is a different story! 

Explore Antidote Supreme on our webshop at

For those keen to delve deeper into the realm of mushroom intelligence and the fascinating world of psilocybin varieties, I recommend "Fantastic Fungi" at Additionally, for those intrigued by the realm of psychedelics, "How to Change Your Mind" by Michael Pollan is a captivating resource currently on Netflix.


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By Red Thalhammer


Feeling the heat? Treat yourself to a delightful Eiskaffee and a square of Antidote! ☀️ This Austrian classic perfectly blends vanilla ice cream, coffee, whipped cream and a waffle. 😋 Super easy to make and utterly delicious! Give it a try at home - you won't regret it! 🍦✨

Or play with alternations of putting a square of chocolate into the coffee or substitute coffee with bananas, add chocolate sauce on top from Antidote Supreme and you have a fabulous banana-split.

On my recent trip I had one every day plus cherries from my parents garden and moms fabulous food. Wishing you nice travels if you do, and if you don’t; happy travels in your mind with books, food & friends.

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By Red Thalhammer

It started with a serendipitous text message - an idea that became an obsession; to make an antidote for blues and emotional conflictions. In short, A superfood chocolate, low in sugar and with exciting flavor pairings to feed your superpowers because cacao is a superfood.

Over the years together with the production team, farmers, and all providers and printers, we grew, refined and improved with each batch for each bite. We have been selling from NY to LA. Some years in Europe and since 10 years in Japan. Now with 15 flavors and 1 baking bar, there will be a new sophisticated flavor on 84% cacao coming in November and I can’t wait to have you taste the latest. 13 years and we are still a boutique chocolate company of an unapologetic small size, serving the fabulous you and some of the nicest, coolest stores. Celebrate with us a devotion to creativity, flavor adventures and energizing delight.

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