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We often make food decisions based on price, but if we look deeper to understand the difference between a lower and higher cost product, there is so much more value when we invest a little more for pure quality products. It is also important to note that a high price alone does not always represent true quality!!!  There are multiple elements to consider.

One for instance, our Japanese distribution partner recently asked if we had changed the beans in our 84% bars as the flavor seems a bit stronger than usual. Welcome to a pure product that is not masked with sugar and relies on the raw ingredients from farmers. There are rainy seasons with little sun that affect the flavor profile of the beans. We try to keep the flavor very consistent, although there is always the chance of slight alterations in each batch, much like wines and their respective years.

To explore these aspects of quality further, let’s review what you pay for when you buy an Antidote or any consciously produced product: 

  1. Fresh high quality ingredients that provide more nutrients and contain less sugar and no fillers
  2. Direct trade with farmers who are paid a fare price for their quality, above and beyond the world trade price
  3. Profits that go to real people
  4. Slight changes in flavor due to the nature of an agricultural product

And what you get: 

  • Potency and high flavor, allowing gratification with smaller portions
  • Purity and nutrients for vitality and energy 
  • A healthy supply chain and environment through conscious practices such as direct trade 

Now compare this to what you pay for on a mass market packaged item from a major corporation that costs half or a third of Antidote or any high quality product.

  1. Lower grade ingredients and lots of sugar, fat or fillers
  2. Exploitation of people and environmental damages 
  3. Profits that go to already rich shareholders
  4. Extremely consistent flavor with the help of additives

And what you get:

  • Exposure to more fat, sugar or salt that promotes over eating
  • Lack of nutrients negatively impact your health
  • Contributing to damaging or exploitative farming and environmental practices
Now this is a very concise overview but you get the picture. Investing in premium products go well beyond our own benefit, as our spending also supports the effects each company has on their employees, our environment and overall health. Thanks for choosing quality as we believe you are getting more for your buck! Do you agree?
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