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chocolate love Tue feel good
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Except in the case of Antidote.

Here at Antidote, we say that the true name for chocolate is sharing the love, and the world needs more of that. With it we make friends, provoke laughter, bury anger, court lovers and count our blessings.

Later this year you'll find a new tagline "Chocolate that loves you back" on each Antidote chocolate box and even if you have already discovered the Antidote love, here is a little reminder what makes our chocolate truly great:

❤ First, great chocolates are usually judged by their character. Antidote is loaded with finest Arriba Nacional cacao; and although really dark, it’s delicious without bitterness. Yes, it is your best friend forever!

❤ Antidote has the most amazing personality and the biggest heart. It is a nurturing treat—a power superfood. Raw cacao is bursting with phenolic phytochemicals (that is, antioxidants) and minerals and vitamins (magnesium, iron and potassium to name a few). Some say it has the highest antioxidant of any food in the world. Backing this up, researchers at Cornell University (US) found that cacao exceeds the antioxidant levels of both red wine and green tea. Antioxidants are the amazing little hunters that work to beat off cancer cells and heart disease.

❤ Rich in cacao, low in sugar. Guilt free. No matter the type of sugar, only high cacao content loves you back. Although we don't mind alternative sugars, we choose to use the sugar that grows right where the chocolate is made, so nothing needs to be shipped around the globe. But the core message is that the benefits are in the cacao, so our Antidote is loaded with it.

❤ Antidote possesses enough integrity to live up to its commitments. Arriba Nacional cacao beans contain very high concentrations of important compounds—real ingredients that are key to keeping your brain happy and your mood lifted; in real life it leads to happiness and joy.

❤ Just as important, Antidote is fun to savor with depth of flavor from real bits and pieces of spices, herbs, nuts and salts.

“The impact we want Antidote to have on people worldwide is to give them an Antidote to whatever is happening, give energy and make them feel better from the inside to the outside,” says Red R.Thalhammer.

❤ Antidote is a food of the gods. It's also called a functional food that will satiate you for pleasure, stress, or hunger, at any time of the day. That's 360 degrees sustainability, because everyone in the supply chain benefits but most importantly the consumer. Sustainability means nothing if the final product is making you obese. It should touch all your senses and make you happy—not only in the moment but good for you in the long run.

The sharing of love has always been part of the Antidote story.

So, let’s break chocolate together. Shall we?

chocolate love Tue feel good

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