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Around the holidays (and in the aftermath), I’m always shocked by how many boxes pile up at my building entrance. It’s even more distressing to see them all unfolded in the trash bins the next day! Everything has a lifespan, including the materials used to ship what we buy online, and all the trash we produce has an after life.

Did you notice that we always pack orders in the smallest possible box? When you purchase Antidote you purchase consciousness of material, from the purest ingredients, to the most beautiful minimalistic packaging, to the least amount of waste. Our bars don’t sit in peanuts or float in a sea of fluffy stuff packed in a much bigger box when you order via our online shop - and I hope you don’t mind. That could mean that some bars might break, but as an Antidote fan you know where priorities lie and a high five to you for that.

Of course, whenever we buy a product, we’re not only giving money to the company, we’re also contributing to the effects that company has on our environment. So it’s important to purchase mindfully as we support where we spend our dollars

Back to the trash bins. Although we can’t always control what arrives on our doorstep, we can recognize that sustainability starts in everyone’s awareness. By simply folding up a box to recycle or reusing a bag, there is a sense of acknowledgment and an expression of care for everything we touch in our lives—boxes, chocolate, people—and I think that is cool and sexy. To only care about the inside and gains made is not enough.

Thanks for following so far. We are happy for every order via our online shop and if it would serve you better to buy Antidote in your local specialty market or natural food store, we are always open to recommendations! Please shoot us a note with retail store name, city and your bars of choice and we will try to get them into your neighborhood.

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