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Now available, Antidote “Minis” in five of your favorite flavors!  These double doses of perfectly portioned mini chocolates are ideal for special occasions, party favors, “on the go” instances or any needed quick fixes life may throw your way. In a single "Mini" you can add not only flavor but a boost of powerful antioxidants and energy to your being. Grab a handful, share them with friends and bring Health Through Pleasure in these bite sized indulgences.

We do things a little differently.

Although we’re headquartered in Brooklyn, we make all of our bars with a wonderful team in Ecuador, not only ensuring the utmost quality, but contributing to the local economy. Red, founder and taste maker works directly in Ecuador with suppliers and farmers surrounding the cities of Quito and Guayaquil, like Vicente from the award-winning Camino Verde Farm. This also fosters direct relationships with our suppliers and farmers and allows her to fine tune every step of the process - ultimately creating a delicious and unique product.

Here are a few other things that make Antidote unique:

1) We created a new breed of chocolate:

Although we primarily focus on potent, flavored dark chocolate, we also produce raw 100% bars.  When Antidote was launched over 5 years ago we pioneered a low sugar 50% raw and 50% roasted chocolate bar.  Our raw 100% bars launched in 2012 are very popular ever since and one of a few raw 100% bars in the market.  And a couple of weeks ago, we introduced 2 milk chocolate bars with surprising great flavor and low sugar...we call it "Big Kid Chocolate"

We summarize our approach of “health through pleasure”,  having the best of both worlds.

2) Mastering the art unique flavor combinations:

We are known for our unique and wonderful flavors, that are all in perfect harmony with the chocolate…not overpowering but perfectly balanced.  Red hand selects the ingredients and specifies the process for all our flavor inclusions. All of our spice, herb, fruit and salt ingredients are pure and of the highest quality – we don’t use essential oils and all of our fruits are dried naturally without preservatives. She also designs all Antidote brand and product packaging!

Red has been living in Brooklyn, New York for 15 years. Inspired by New York City and the Austrian tradition of great flavors and premium quality is fused with Ecuador’s top ingredients including the world’s best cacao – the perfect marriage.

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