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Introducing Antidote Hangover Remedy chocolate bar with Intox-Detox

Introducing Antidote Hangover Remedy chocolate bar with Intox-Detox

Imagine a world where you could enjoy some alcohol beverages and avoid the negative aftereffects by simply eating a few squares of chocolate. Antidote Chocolate and Intox-Detox have made this a reality by launching a functional chocolate bar containing an all-natural, clinically researched and dosed hangover remedy blend.

The art of making chocolate can be traced back in history to the South and Central American Mayans and Oltecs. According to, Olmec pots from 1500 BC have been discovered with trace amounts of the chemical theobromine, a healthful natural stimulating compound found in cacao beans. Chocolate was consumed as a ceremonial drink by both rich and poor and it tasted nothing like the chocolate of today. Often mixed with herbs and spices,  their chocolate would have tasted rich, frothy and bitter and sometimes spicy. Many even thought chocolate came directly from the Gods and brought them closer to their makers as it was called: Food of the gods. Therefore each Antidote dark chocolate bar is named after Aztec gods and greek goddesses. The latest Antidote bars are named after queens since historically chocolate drinks and cacao was revered for royals and the upper class.

Chocolate has come a long way, from expensive celebratory concoction to war ration staple for energy then onto sugary mass-produced candy and back again. The good news is that chocolate is reclaiming its role as a healthful staple that invokes feelings of the divine. Choclates’ role in modern society as a comfort food is actually backed by science because natural compounds like beta phenylehtylamine and theobromine have potent antioxidant and antidepressant effects. Dark chocolate, made in a more traditional style, has seen a surge in popularity however many treats contain loads of sugar or milk that are detrimental. With a higher percentage of cacao, dark chocolate bars contain lower sugar and much more of the naturally occurring free radical-fighting antioxidants. A new partnership between Antidote Chocolate and Intox-Detox is taking chocolate to a place its never quite been before - the role of a hangover remedy.

Antidote has been making artisanal small batch chocolate bars for a decade and with it’s tagline of “chocolate that loves you back” focuses on high-cacao, low sugar and pure exquisite treats. “Cacao is a true superfood and I aimed to create a super chocolate that leverages the multitude of benefits of cacao. One that acts as a true antidote to heart blues and energizes and boosts your mood while you devour each piece” says Antidote Founder/CEO Red Thalhammer.  She grew up in Austria within a restaurant and agriculture family business and had a successful career as art director in NYC before launching Antidote when combining food, design, health and flavor with her chocolate brand.

As delicious as healthy their bars, they incorporate natural herbs and spices as the Mayans did centuries ago as well as 100% cacao no sugar options that are named after Aztec gods. Combining healthful chocolate with functional doses of natural medicinal herbs is a no-brainer. Not only does this new “herbs” chocolate bar provide a delicious vehicle for delivering powerful nutrition, herbal ingredients for this new release, which by the way has a nice fruity aroma, it also achieves synergistic healthy benefits.

Fermenting fruit, grain and/or sugar and consuming beer, wine and spirits is another age-old tradition, dating back at least to the Sumarians of 5000 BC, but probably much further. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as there were alcoholic beverages, hangovers became the scourge of the social drinker, making them literally one of humanity's oldest problems. For the first time in history, Antidote chocolate is tackling one of the civilized world's oldest problems, the hangover, with clinically researched and dosed Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs. Yes, you can now eat a chocolate bar to dose yourself with an all natural hangover remedy blend.

Intox-Detox, a dietary supplement company that has been battling hangovers with Traditional Chinese Medicine for almost seven years. "We brought real science to the drinking table." says Intox-Detox CEO/Founder Andy Bennett. By taking a scientific approach to the root cause of alohols’ miserable aftereffects, they can be alleviated or even avoided entirely, while also protecting the liver, according to Mr. Bennett, who adds "My spirited Irish family created the product because we couldn't find anything on the market that actually worked." Approaching a million happy customers and samplers of the Intox-Detox blend, their goal is to help responsible social drinkers maintain a balance between staying healthy and living life to the fullest.

The Antidote and Intox-Detox collaboration “herbs” chocolate combines a 70% dark chocolate with two full servings per chocolate bar of the clinically researched and clnically dosed hangover remedy blend. Mr. Bennett recommends one square of chocolate per alcoholic drink. It's a natural pairing with your favorite wine, beer or cocktail. Alternatvely, for just a few drinks, you an enjoy half the chocolate bar prior to or during alcohol consumption. A second serving, the other half of the chocolate bar, is recommended for a more "spirited" evening. As a purely recuperative measure, you can also eat the chocolate the morning after some drinks. However, this method does not deliver the benefit of the herbal blend's potential for natural liver protective effects.

So, the next time you reach for a big bold red, a hoppy IPA or an old fashioned cocktail, nibble a few squares of this brand new Antidote chocolate bar to your health. At the very least, it's a decadent compliment to any happy hour, round of after-dinner drinks or nightcap. On the other hand, if the hundreds of thousands of raving fans of Intox-Detox are correct, you might just get away with the caper altogether, staying hangover-free while protecting your liver and enjoying the good life.

Antidote Herbs Bars can be found here!

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