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Super Dark Chocolate has Super-Rich Benefits!

Super Dark Chocolate

We all know chocolate is delicious, but it also boasts several health benefits especially having a high cacao content and flavored with real ingredients. Did you know super dark chocolate consisting of less sugar is actually healthy for many reasons? 

Improves mood conditions

Eating nutrient-rich chocolate, especially dark chocolate bars has great mood-boosting effects, helping to feel calmer and at ease. Dark chocolate produces endorphins that deliver immense pleasure to the senses along with serotonin that is a mood-elevating antidepressant. Flavanols assist in producing mood-enhancing effects. While this is not solely an effective treatment for depression, however it helps in managing stress effectively for short periods of time. 

It is anti-aging, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties

While super premium chocolate is often connected with indulgence, it actually offers a lot of nutrition if the balance of its ingredients is right – high cacao, low sugar and no additional fillers or fats - unless it is a small percentage of cacao butter. Healthy chocolate is derived from cocoa beans that consist of flavonoids that are known to offer a variety of health benefits. The chocolate refining process can strip cocoa of its naturally occurring antioxidants in different ways, therefore a raw process or gentle slow roasting process is recommended. Flavonoids are also found in various fruits and vegetables with several anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a fantastic plant-based antioxidant and has the following health benefits in chocolate: It shields free radicals to protect against aging as well as regulation of blood flow and reduction in cholesterol. Flavanols, the prominent type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate, are the source of the antioxidant qualities. Cocoa has by far the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world.

It could enhance our cognitive functions

Flavonols are known to enhance cognitive ability even during the aging process. Since they help in regulating blood flow throughout the body, they are proven to improve cognition, as per study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For sharp Cognitive abilities even in later age, eating nutrient rich chocolate can be super beneficial.

Reduces heart disease risk 

According to the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology studies, cocoa in moderation is beneficial to cardiovascular health owing to the presence of flavanols that possess vasodilatory properties combined with anti-inflammatory benefits. Cocoa is known to boost production of nitric oxide for dilation of blood vessels, helping to improve cardiovascular function. Follow-up studies have revealed that cocoa and cocoa-containing products containing flavanols that help in lowering risk of blood pressure, stroke, and cancer blood pressure. 

Could reduce Irregular heartbeats

According to a Danish study in British Medical Journal organized in 2017, participants who ate low sugar chocolate moderately had reduced chances of irregular heartbeats with lower risk of atrial fibrillation. As mentioned before, flavanols within chocolate deserve the credit in lowering blood pressure and thus aid in avoiding heart risks. 

 AntidoteChoco offers dark chocolate bars of 70%, 73%, 77%, 84% and raw 100% cacao. Cacao is known to be a fantastic driver for cognition, memory sharpness, mood boosting attributes, and immunity enhancement along with a host of beneficial effects. As mentioned above, the super premium chocolate bars include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are brilliant for improving brain and cardiovascular health. Cacao consumption also boosts multiple intracellular signals and pathways, for driving better cellular immune response and genes involved in sensory perception.

It is no wonder that super dark chocolate flavoured with real ingredients can lift you up from emotionally draining moments. Game for healthy chocolate?

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