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It’s been said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” and so it has been 1,826 days of pleasure at Antidote. We’re celebrating five years with five questions for our own Red Thalhammer and in appreciation of all of you we’re offering five days of discounted 12 packs on our site (through Sunday, August 30th). Thank you for being a part of the adventure! - xoxo The Antidote Team

Five Questions for Five Years of Antidote:

1.) What was the first flavor you ever created and surprised yourself with?

The "Lavender + Red Salt Antidote" was one of the first five bars we launched.  On the first day, selling at a flea market in Williamsburg (July 25, 2010), people went crazy for this flavor!  It was an “aha” and “wow” moment plus a pleasant surprise for me. Although this flavor is not for everyone, it is still a very popular item. I would say "Panakaia" attracts the urban ladies, but then again I'm surprised by how many men also enjoy it.

2.) What are three lessons you’ve learned over the past five years of Antidote?

* Stay true to your core principles. It's easy to get distracted with an ever growing market. With a unique product you can't be everything to everyone.

* Eat more chocolate. It always helps with beauty and nerves. ;) - again and again!

* Focus. Growth has a lot to do with focusing energy. I've learned to carefully select which direction to go. The projects that bring gratification, new ideas and inspirations are the ones I am drawn to which often means swimming upstream but at the end it leads to a deeply personal sense of gratification and health for our business.

3.) What dreams do you have for Antidote?

From day one I’ve been dreaming of people finding relief from the blues and all kind of emotional afflictions by eating Antidote. Even though Antidote tastes like a delicious chocolate bar, it is quite potent in magnesium, antioxidants and many nutrients which are beneficial to the body. This is the beauty of raw cacao and I wish for many more people to find their Antidote and feel all these amazing benefits!

4.)  Which Goddess/Flavor do you most relate to from your line?

I'm totally Hybris - the goddess who serves as the antidote to fear and timidity. At the end it's about acknowledging fear, evaluating where it comes from and if there is a true reason for its existence. Additionally, I like Hybris because of the strong pine aroma and chewy Mango that goes especially well with a Bullet Bourbon Whiskey on the rocks.

5.) How will you personally celebrate the anniversary?

It's not only a day for me, it's a milestone. The last 5 years were full of an unbelievable amount of work, uncertainty, and ups and downs. I was starting Antidote with no plan or much knowledge of this industry, but I was so driven by the idea that I placed all my will power behind it. I'm happy to have inspired the chocolate sector with a new approach that combines pleasure and taste, the first 50% Raw + 50% Roasted chocolate, with groundbreaking flavor combinations and a beautiful brand concept that influenced many other companies. I'm celebrating by creating new products at the moment that are inspiring and deeply satisfying while continuing to working with an incredible team here in NY and in Ecuador. I’m also deeply grateful for all people who helped along the way with input and constructive feedback

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