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chocolate culinary flavors

Discover exquisite superfood chocolate that amplifies your best moments and enhances the way you dance. This 12 Pack includes most of our flavor fusion creations. Perfect for a gift or to stock your pantry with. Or send to someone who needs a little flavor boost. This ships in our beautiful orange-red case boxes for extra joy.

Includes 12 bars, one of each:

  • QUEEN O: Orange + Earl Grey 70%
  • QUEEN Q: Quinoa Crunch 70%
  • QUEEN T: Anise + Tomato 70%
  • ARTEMIS: Almond + Fennel Seeds 73%
  • KAKIA: Coffee + Cardamom 73%
  • HYBRIS: Mango + Juniper Berry 73%
  • ALETHEIA: Ginger 77%
  • HEBE: Rose Salt + Lemon 77%
  • LOLA: Lemon + Licorice 84%
  • NINA: Naked 84%
  • PANAKIEA: Lavender + Red Salt 84%
  • MAGICIAN: Strawberry + Hibiscus Milk Chocolate, just sweet enough
  • We reserve the right to substitute any out of stock flavors for this 12-pack.


 • 70% to 84% Chocolate Bars

• Weight: 2.3 oz/65g each

• Origin: Ecuador, various regions

• Gluten Free | Kosher

Ingredients: Please review individual bars for more details

• Made with prized Nacional Complex cacao within Direct Trade relationships that pays farmers double of Fair Trade.

• Always premium and partially organic ingredients. 100% plastic-free packaging.

• Created bean-to-bar in a certified and pristine facility that also handles milk, soy & nuts.

Come for the taste, stay for the love. These gourmet superfood chocolate bars will delight the tongue and energize everything else. Our bars are loaded with cacao that is nourishing from the inside out boasting with antioxidants and feel good nutrients.

We create exquisite flavor fusion chocolate bars, and have been pioneering culinary combinations and original presentation since 2010 for the optimists and believers of a beautiful tomorrow. Antidote Chocolate is a woman-owned and run maker of chocolate that loves you back.

chocolate culinary flavors

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mary Hinchman
add an option

I love all the bars except 2..Not a milk chocolate fan and don't care for the lavender and red salt. The milk chocolate I give to my husband so that's ok. How about adding an option to switch one or 1 bars for different bars?

Dainna Pearlman
The ONLY chocolate you need!

I'm not kidding. You deserve this!! Each bar is made with the finest ingredients and is a JOY to experience. From the gorgeous packaging, beautiful artistry and the blending of yummy and interesting ingredients. THis is healthfood. <3 <3

Contina Williams

I was expecting absolutely delicious chocolate, and needless to say it exceeded by expectations! The flavor and texture are so smooth and the combinations are flawlessly perfect! I am so glad I tried these, I will be a customer for life!

beautiful, quality, joy filled chocolate

I love all of chocolate bars that Antidote offers - the quality is always excellent and the flavors are unique and hard to find elsewhere. Eating antidote feels like I’m giving myself a little gift to myself and it’s a great gift for others too!

Brion Cook
Excellent variety!

I recently bought the 12 pack to give a gifts and people were fighting over which flavors they wanted. Everyone reported that they were delicious! Thanks!