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chocolate raw cacao superfood sugarfree

Includes 12 bars 

Want to try the ultimate most nourishing chocolate bar? Come for the taste, stay for the love. These gourmet chocolate bars will delight the tongue and energize everything else. Our bars are loaded with cacao that is nourishing from the inside out boasting with antioxidants and feel good nutrients.

Chocolate that is truly good for you as we use raw 100% cacao and no sugar at all. Antidote Chocolate is a woman-owned and run maker of chocolate that loves you back.

About this bar: Nutty and smooth. A creamy walnut vibe, one beautiful note, complete unto itself, a connoisseur’s delight. Textured with crunchy cacao nibs. One of a few raw 100% cacao bars in the world.

Tonacatecuhtli (TONA) is the Aztec god of creation and fertility. The antidote for dead ends and vicious cycles.

• Raw 100% Cacao with crunchy cacao nibs

• Weight: 2.3 oz/65g per bar

• Origin: Ecuador, Balao, Guayas Province, special raw fermentation and post harvest process in a controlled environment

• Vegan | Gluten Free | Kosher Paleo | Ketogenic

• Low carb, No sugar added

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cacao butter.

• Made with fine Arriba Nacional cacao from farms that use organic practices

• Antidote believes in making the best chocolate with the highest quality ingredients.

• Made in a facility that handles milk, soy & nuts

Nutrition Facts: Serving size: ½ bar. Calories: 220. Fat: 19g (24%). Cholesterol: 0mg (0%). Carbohydrates: 8g (3%). Fiber: 4g (14%). Sugar: 0g. Protein: 4g. Calcium: 23mg (2%). Iron: 4mg (20%).

chocolate raw cacao superfood sugarfree

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kyra Alex
Pure life force

Vital, raw, pure, full of life force. Honestly, the quality of my life has increased exponentially with every daily dose of this delightful heart medicine. I am so grateful for it’s availability.

Joan Picone
A life changing chocolate.

So….. what happens when your entire idea about eating “ really good chocolate “ is changes wh one piece?
You will never look at it, taste it, in the same way again. Nothing will duplicate Antidote. Very expensive but you are what you eat. Life is short.

Gail Green
Deliciously Decadent !

The blossoming of taste as though evolving out of Proust !

Lucy Bell
Best chocolate ever

Please never stop making this chocolate. I've been buying it for years and I always will. I eat 2 squares every day to break my fast and I enjoy it just as much every single time. Antidote chocolate is the best quality chocolate out there. When I travel I always buy chocolates and no brand can compete with Antidote. 100% is the best but all the flavors are great.

Greg Yurek

We love the 100% chocolate!!!