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What has Austria to do with Antidote's tastes?

What has Austria to do with Antidote's tastes?
Back in the days growing up in Austria, the whole family worked together come summertime to serve guests at the lake-side cafe with cool drinks, simple foods and most importantly coffee and the best cakes 😍

That’s what we were known for. My mom is an amazing baker and she would make all classics traditional treats from: “Bauernkrapfen” (farmers-donut that she baked right there to sell warm) to “Buchteln”, to fruit cakes with meringue and such. They were quite amazing and it was no secret ...

In the spirit of the art of desserts and low sugar treats just the way I was raised on, I developed 2 new flavors. 😉 The first one will be another “low sugar” dark milk chocolate flavor and ready to launch in late October. Stay tuned and in the meantime please check out the 15 culinary flavor pairings we offer on our chocolate bars 😍
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