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We Know Antidote is Anti-Aging, But What About Wheat?

We Know Antidote is Anti-Aging, But What About Wheat?

Alzheimer's and anti-aging remedies based on a study from the medical university in Graz, Austria.

On my trip home to Austria, I came across some interesting remedies from studies at the university in Graz. I’m lucky with the health of my parents but Alzheimer's is coming up again and again when talking to friends about their parents and so when I came across a study byProf. Frank Madeo and the revelation of what wheat can do for your vitality, for Alzheimer's and it’s prevention and for your looks, I was thrilled.

Firstly because wheat has been stigmatized as bad since the Gluten-Free movement began alongside the rise of allergies and waves of people who follow a gluten free diet even though they are not gluten intolerant. 

I’m a firm believer that everything that grows on good soil is fit to eat, when it is in it’s purest form and in moderation and carefully prepared. Just like in homeopathy everything in excess can be a poison but the right doses can be the antidote. Processing is where single foods can lose their power and change their molecular structure. Therefore it’s important to note that we are talking about wheat berries that include the wheat germ and not white bread made with processed and enriched flour where the wheat germ is removed.  If you are interested to read more on wheat Michael Pollan discusses that in Defense of Food.

The research of Professor Frank Madeo focuses precisely on an element of the wheat germ that is called spermidine. With age, the body's self-cleansing spermidine level diminishes’ and so the supplementation of spermidine, an autophagy-inducing agent, has been shown to protect against neurodegeneration and cognitive decline. Even reversing Alzheimer's and memory loss. Isn’t that amazing? 

This is a very new study and soon there will be products on the market with Spermidine if they are not already out. Never forget though that nature has simple remedies and food can be your medicine. In this case it’s the pure wheat berries that have the power with the germ intact. Which brings us back to the fact that nature has it all. There are other foods of course that contain spermidine but wheat has been shown to have a lot.

Secondly, I was over the moon when I heard about this as I personally eat grains every morning for breakfast but for a different reason. I mix 3 spoons of a variety of grains including wheat and soak or boil them with nuts and raisins to offer my body valuable plant protein. Following a recommendation of two doctors in Austria and a friend in Colorado that 3 spoons of grains in the morning will give you all the protein you need for the day. So I was thrilled to hear that not only will it also boost memory and appearance, it is also an anti-aging food! You can purchase wheat germ already extracted but as with chocolate please find a company you trust to get the potency from it. I’ve heard 3 spoons of wheat germs a day to be sufficient for memory loss.

Let good food be your delight before you need it as medicine. Nature has it all. 

PS: Antidote chocolate remains gluten free!! The foto shows a mix of: Wheat berries, buckwheat, oats and rye.

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