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REFRESHING SUMMER RECIPES with ... guess what?

REFRESHING SUMMER RECIPES with ... guess what?

Roll up your sleeves and meet us in the kitchen! Summer is in full swing and lots of simple seasonal recipes are begging for a serious chocolate upgrade. Break out an Antidote bar any time of day to savor a few squares or invigorate simple dishes with chocolate ripples, chops and drizzles.

Before you prep your bars, set them out at room temperature for at least fifteen minutes to let the warmth unlock softer texture and deeper flavor. Then pair with light bites, melt into creamy dips or add texture and flavor to salads, wraps, rubs and desserts. Let these pairing ideas inspire you! 

With Fruits & Frozen Treats

  • Dip sliced bananas in rose salt + lemon Antidote and freeze for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy as is or blend into a delicious smoothie or shake.
  • Dip strawberries in lavender + red salt Antidote and chill for 5-10 minutes. Drizzle with honey for an added flavor boost!
  • Add chopped cacao nib 84% Antidote to yogurt parfait with fresh peaches and granola. Experiment with different flavors and fruit combinations!
  • Drizzle rose salt + lemon Antidote over blueberry or raspberry sorbet. 
  • Scoop up creamy frozen yogurt with pieces of strawberry + hibiscus milk chocolate Antidote.

For Light Bites & Salads: 

  • Top slices of crusty baguette with butter and cacao nib 84% Antidote. 
  • Spruce up spinach, feta & strawberry salad with coarsely chopped mango + juniper berry Antidote.
  • Sprinkle finely chopped almond+fennel Antidote over sliced tomato and cucumber with basil & oregano. 
  • Make chocolate vinaigrette! Whisk vinegar, oil and honey into cacao nib 84% Antidote. Add salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle over fresh avocado slices, simple garden salads or bruschetta on lightly toasted baguette.

 On the Grill: 

  • Grate banana + cayenne Antidote and add to rubs for chicken, ribs or pork to add a spicy kick. Or melt into barbecue sauce recipes and dip meats before or after grilling.

With Breads & Cheeses

Like chocolate, the flavor and aroma of fine cheeses are enhanced when set out at room temperature for at least an hour. If you are paring a variety of combinations, use fresh bread and not too cold water to cleanse your palate. 

Thanks to our friends at French Cheese Board for the pairing suggestions.

  • Lavender + red salt Antidote pairs beautifully with smooth buttery triple cream cows milk cheeses like Pierre Robert.
  • Pair rose salt + lemon Antidote with a creamy goat’s milk cheese like Valencay. This tangy citrusy cheese with vegetable ash brings out the subtle floral lemony notes in the chocolate.
  • For a lightly sweet and savory experience, pair ginger Antidote with a cow’s milk cheese like Mimolette. The protein crystals in this distinctly orange cheese compliment the texture of the ginger and create a truly unique mouth feel. 
  • Pair almond + fennel Antidote with an aged goat cheese like Bond d’Anton. The creamy nuttiness of this cheese brings out the woodsy, piney nuttiness of the chocolate.

Happy tasting!

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