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Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

By Red Thalhammer

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

Not all dark chocolate is made equal. The Essence of Antidote chocolate is a remedy or chocolate pill for every obstacle. Maybe you’re having a stress-filled week or just need to take a minute to relax. Or perhaps you just need something to lift your spirits! We’ve got the Antidote! After all, it is a very versatile remedy! Honest and sincere, it is a powerhouse for many situations!

Heart Blues? 

A few Squares lift your spirits! With the high cacao content and minimal processing we maximize the potency of antioxidants to create an exquisite mood booster.


Pop a choco pill to find balance. When you feel stress building up, dark chocolate can be a delightful equalizer! Cacao beans contain polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. Sink your teeth into a bit or two.

Getting Fit? 

Two pieces conquer your appetite. Did you know the right kind of dark chocolate can actually HELP you get fit? The bitter elements of dark chocolate reduces hunger cravings and satiates your appetite while gratifying deeply. This way, dark chocolate is not the problem to your fitness goals... it’s the solution! 


A square to awaken your senses. Whether or not we have a long work day, sometimes our energy levels are suffering – dark chocolate to the rescue! Higher intake of quality dark chocolate enables improvements in our memories, visualization, and cognitive functions! Plus the theobromine in dark chocolate will pull you through your afternoon slump!

Want a Power Shot? 

Flip a pill into it! Are you sneaking chocolate into your espresso?! We are!  Not only does coffee and the rich notes of dark chocolate pair well together, but also the nourishing properties of the chocolate will give you a morning boost of antioxidants!  Cacao is filled with antioxidants and has antidepressant effects as does coffee. A Power pair!  Antidote Naked would be our choice.


One bar for the lunch hour you don’t have. Dark Chocolate is perfect to nourish and curb hunger when on the go. It's one of the most nutrient dense convenience foods!! If you pick the right chocolate of course! On top of that, cacao can decrease food cravings in the brain for up to 4 hours. A delicious treat + power-packed nutrients sounds like our kind-of lunch! 


Have Antidote at your side. We all feel it these days. That's why we have: Chocolate that loves you back. And indeed the PEA in cacao, or phenethylamine, is probably the strongest “love chemical” in chocolate. It triggers a massive endorphin release in the brain. These happy little endorphins will give you some love you deserve!

Seeking Pleasure? 

It’s an Aphrodisiac! For most, chocolate is a symbol for love but there's also some science to back up that chocolate is a libido enhancer! Two chemicals are responsible: One, tryptophan, a building block of serotonin and a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. The other, phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, which is released in the brain when people fall in love. To top it off, it is ultra rich, silky, and decadent - who wouldn't have feelings of love when one little square holds all of that?!

Need Some Chi 

Take some choc! Smelling the rich aromas and taking the first flavor packed bite in a square of dark chocolate is enough to get your senses up and dancing! In case you never heard of CHI or QI, it's the energy of life itself, a balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation ✌🏻 An Antidote to keep things flowing and going! 

Need an Antidote? 

We got you! Find sanity in the chaos with 15 exquisite options. Antidote will nourish you deeply on an emotional level while boosting your mood. Try it!! And if it doesn't give you "everything" you need - at least you have some delicious chocolate - Sometimes that's all the care we need!

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That's How We Do It.

By Red Thalhammer

That's How We Do It.

Recently from a customer: "How is this possible? We broke down and ordered a lot after tasting a couple bars. We hoped that the quality of the chocolate would persist over the range of truly expertly curated flavor suites. Absolutely the best thing we did. We now set the box on the table and revel in a new selection each evening, Barolo Chinato not far behind. Devotees now" - Warren T.

We are all about flavor, so how do we do it? It's an act of creation that can stretch over years. Sometimes the beginning happens out of playing around with trial and error and other times s a flavor is popping up in a dream. In both cases, it's the beginning of a longer experiement to either find a vendor to produce that fruit the way we need it or to find the perfect aroma of a certain spice. Not all is created equal as we know. It took us years to find and fine tune each cacao flavor profile we use with the farmers. The same for our flavor ingredients. We can spend up to two years at times to create a flavor and to find the the perfect complementing flavor pairing. Using real chunks of fruits and spices – from coffee to mango and juniper berries. Choosing ingredients with precision and working closely with our Ecuadorian partners to perfect every stage of our ingredients preparation and production process. We never use essential oils as we believe real ingredients will add more depth and giving that sublime edge. That is how we innovate.

While others look at us and copy our flavors – we take it as a compliment 😉 – we prefer to explore and create, become inspired by different cultures, talking flavors with friends and play. That is where true creation lives. Using unique combinations and ingredients such as lavender & red salt, fennel seeds, and juniper for almost 10 years now in our dark chocolate bars. That and spending nearly 10 years of refining and improving each bar and flavor pairing. The art of creation! We take pride in it!

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