By Red Thalhammer


It started with a serendipitous text message - an idea that became an obsession; to make an antidote for blues and emotional conflictions. In short, A superfood chocolate, low in sugar and with exciting flavor pairings to feed your superpowers because cacao is a superfood.

Over the years together with the production team, farmers, and all providers and printers, we grew, refined and improved with each batch for each bite. We have been selling from NY to LA. Some years in Europe and since 10 years in Japan. Now with 15 flavors and 1 baking bar, there will be a new sophisticated flavor on 84% cacao coming in November and I can’t wait to have you taste the latest. 13 years and we are still a boutique chocolate company of an unapologetic small size, serving the fabulous you and some of the nicest, coolest stores. Celebrate with us a devotion to creativity, flavor adventures and energizing delight.


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