By Red Thalhammer


“Crafting flavors is like creating art or composing music. The process needs drama, high points and low points, and a bit of tension woven throughout. When that all comes together, you have a symphony made of chocolate.” –Red

What makes our flavors so special? 

The right ingredients, in the right amounts, prepared the right way.

We love unusual flavors! Several of our favorite ingredients, such as lavender, red salt, fennel and juniper, had never been seen in chocolate before we began using them. We take great pride in coming up with concoctions that are not just different, but delicious. However, we also realize that not everything works with chocolate.  Some ingredients are simply too mild for dark blends, for example strawberry, coconut and chamomile. Others, such as salts or juniper, might sound delicious on paper but need just the right dose to please the palate. Some fruit flavors, such as banana, mango, ginger and lemon, need specific preparation to be used at all.

We take all of this into account when crafting our flavor pairings and work tirelessly until they are perfect. Once we design the flavor, each slow-roasted cacao bars is loaded with rich Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador and chunks of fruits and spices designed specifically for each batch. Using real ingredients creates a rich, pure aroma with a complexity and wholeness that cannot be achieved with essential oils and other flavorings. The fruits are custom prepared, also in Ecuador, either entirely without sugar or with a little panela, an unrefined whole cane sugar with a caramel taste. 

A touch of texture on top

Aside from the flavor, real bits of fruit, seeds, flowers, salts and spices literally burst from each of our bars, providing a delightful sensation for your tongue. Who doesn’t like a little chunk in their chocolate? We certainly do!


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