Our decadent chocolate is low in sugar and loaded with nourishing cacao power so you can enjoy it every day. Energize and boost your mood any time you need it. And feel good instead of guilty.

Antidote is: 

+ loaded with the finest cacao

+ pure darkness, low in sugar & nutrient-rich

+ made with real bits of fruits & spices

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We use rich Arriba Nacional beans from the south and west of Ecuador. All the cacao we use is what we believe to be the best of Ecuador. We work mostly with Farm Cooperatives but also with individual farms - all who share our commitment to excellence and biologic farming practices.

Our slow-roasting process maximizes the potency of anti-oxidants and flavonoids to create a nutrient-rich Antidote. For our Raw 100% bars we have a proprietary process in place – from tree to fermentation to bar in a controlled environment – to maximize the potency of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and holistic nutrients.

We use real chunks of fruits and spices – from coffee to mango and juniper berries – that are exquisitely blended into innovative flavor combinations. We never use essential oils as we believe real ingredients will add a more gratifying flavor in giving that sublime edge. Our founder, Red, chooses ingredients with precision and works closely with our Ecuadorian partners to perfect every stage of our ingredients preparation and production process.        



We are committed to sourcing our cacao beans from farms that use organic practices. Working with certified organic farms would limit us in getting the best quality cacao. We work in close collaboration with our cacao partners for unique processes we use to achieve desired flavor profiles for each of our cacao percentages.

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For our raw 100% bar we have a specific protocol in place with our farmers that requires a different process starting at the farm in order to make the most minimally processed chocolate we can for our raw bars.

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Producing our chocolate in the country of cacao allows us access not only to the beans itself but to other lush ingredients right from the source – from coffee to mango and ginger. It also fosters direct relationships with suppliers and farmers whom we collaborate with to fine-tune every step of the process.


Prioritizing quality and flavor over certification allows us to foster direct relationships with our Ecuadorian partners and pay them wages that are far above market rate. We are practicing direct trade with all cacao beans and some other ingredients cutting out any middleman. We are happy to collaborate with small and bigger companies and providers, and in turn, increase support for their local community as a whole through our bean to bar manufacturing in Ecuador.