By Red Thalhammer


With Halloween right around the corner, we have the perfect Antidote to all of the sugary candy that will leave you with a tummy ache: delicious, serious and healthy chocolate. 

Healthy chocolate that's incredibly delicious - No tricks! 

Ginger + Panela Antidote. Spicy ginger pieces with the caramel aroma of panela sugar mingle on dark chocolate of 77% raw and roasted cacao, every batch prepared lovingly. It sounds dark but is a refreshing, healthy treat without any bitterness.

How can chocolate be healthy? We’ve thought about that, a lot! 

  1. Low sugar, high in cacao - We use high percentages of the best cacao available in our chocolate bars to leverage the incredible health benefits of cacao. Our dark chocolate bars range from 73% - raw 100% cacao, allowing you to choose your level of seriousness! The cacao and fruits, seeds and spices take center stage instead of sugar, creating a flavor experience as well as a healthy chocolate snack. Our creamy milk chocolate bars too have a high percentage of cacao at 56%, and much less sugar than any other milk chocolate, perfect to awaken your inner kid!
  2. Raw cacao - By working with raw cacao, our chocolate retains important nutrients that are lost with fully roasted bars. More antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids make Antidote a more potent and, with our genious half raw and half roasted approach, incredibly delicious chocolate. Simply Health through Pleasure.

What does "raw" mean at Antidote?

Simply put, we make the most raw cacao that we can. Cacao beans need to be processed much more than, say, raw broccoli or juice. Howeever, the world "raw" at Antidote speaks t our process: strict temperatures controlling and the least amount of processing possible. We do this to retain as much of the beans' properties as possible. Learn more from out blog post "The Myth & Mastering of Raw Chocolate"

A real Antidote

Need help getting through a mid-week slump? Stress got you frazzled? There's an Antidote for that! This Antidote makes you feel good, and is good for you. It can be the nutrient-rich superfood that boosts your day when you're too busy for lunch, or your daily Antidote for finding balance. Founder and tastemaker Red was inspired to create an Antidote to her own heart blues: in the form of a healthy chocolate treat, and now you can have one too. Antidote is not just a cool brand name, each of our bars have real Antidote powers.

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