By Red Thalhammer


 In 2010 we launched our very first flavor fusion bars featuring the unique combination of raw and roasted cacao, marrying the antioxidant and nutrient boost of raw cacao with the complex aromas of roasted beans. 7 years later, our recipe has evolved, but our mission remains the same: to provide an Antidote to your emotional ailments while delivering MORE flavor, MORE texture, and MORE nutrients.

Welcome to Flavor Town 2.0! Our new slow roasted Antidote bars are loaded with the same exquisite Arriba Nacional cacao and real chunks of fruits, nuts and salts, to suit your every flavor mood. However, the slow roasting process is gentle on our beans, which protects their integrity and maximizes their antioxidant and nutritional potency. The result is a wonderful sensuous aroma and a delightful treat for our serious chocolate lovers.

Working with raw cacao is a complex process of temperature controlled fermentation and proprietary tree-to-bar treatment that we value and will continue to use for our 100% bars. The slow roasting gives us more room and diversity to work with different farms on our flavor fusion bars. The 77% and 84% bars feature extraordinary cacao from Manabi, noted for its fruity and floral aroma. The resulting deeper cacao flavor creates a dramatic stage for all our exquisite flavor pairings to dance on. We are delighted for you to experience our new bars and hear your comments!

Our refined packaging showcases a gloss coat over the logo for subtle visual distinction, so keep an eye out or order from our online store. All orders and flavors will ship from the “slow roasted” batch. Experience the enhanced flavor square by square. Feel the difference.


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