By Red Thalhammer


As we all know, good designers sense when even the best design can be improved. The founder of Antidote, Red Thalhammer, has consistently been developing not only her delectable chocolates, but also the packaging of this international favorite. Through the years there has been an evolution of the packaging, like the chocolate, with each rendition becoming more finely tuned through her sophisticated palette and design sensibilities.

Although the design of Antidote’s packaging is often what catches a consumers eye, recently Red felt that its subtle beauty may have been finding itself lost amongst the more emphatic packaging of the current chocolate market. Thus, this season she has altered the background colors to reflect a strong and confident palette. Still beautiful, still classic, but with more eye catching saturation so that you are sure to easily spot your favorite flavor!  The new packaging is also more pocket friendly with a tabbed flap on the back that bestows inspiration from the goddess or god who inspires the bar you are about to enjoy. Such classic heroines as Artemis and Gaia, combined with the flavorful pairings inside each bar, insure you will find an Antidote to whatever might be ailing you.

Just as seasons transition smoothly with time, so will the visibility of our new packaging. Our website will soon reflect this new array of color as will your favorite local retailer. We hope that your curiosity is further inspired by these new saturated tones and you find yourself exploring all of our unique flavor pairings. 
Cheers to a colorful summer! As you indulge in the pleasure of Antidote may you keep your worries at bay, your blood sugar even and your mood inspired.r


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